Social Media Avatar Dominoes… the Sports Edition.

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A few weeks ago I was contracted by, a Redskins fan blog run by a local Durhamite who needed a new avatar for his website and twitter feed. He seemed stoked on it and promoted me on his website/twitter feed….


….where I was soon contacted by the BallHogsRadio crew about creating sports caricatures of their crew. They also promoted me on twitter and I was then contacted by them because…

…Middle Tennessee State star basketball player Bruce Massey, Jr, liked what he saw and wanted one, too!

The domino effect of creating fun sports artwork and social media avatars has begun…

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On May 7, 2012

2 Responses to Social Media Avatar Dominoes… the Sports Edition.

  1. Zane Gibson says:

    Seth, my name is Zane Gibson I also play basketball for Middle Tennessee State, I am a teammate of Bruces and I love what you did with his picture, that thing is awesome, and would really like to know if you could possible make me one as well. My number is 0, i were alittle bit of tape on my left rist, and play shooting gurad. Once again I love that picture man and would love for you to create me one as well or tell me how I can create one.

  2. Ajibaye says:

    it with a smirk. Considering who my son’s been dating, I think it’s pttrey likely that I may have triracial grandchildren. My wife (of 18 years) and I had some fun trying to figure out who was crazier, a Filipina who marries a white guy or a white guy who marries a Filipina. I think that the cross cultural aspects of an Asian American marriage can be a problem for people who don’t know what they are getting into and can lead to a lot of family problems, which may lead to problems (knock on wood).

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